Astronomy 101 Animations

Animations for Astronomy 101
Instructor: Eric Sandquist

Time of Day:
  1. Time of Day visualization
Star Motions:
  1. Rotating Sky visualization
  1. Motions of the Sun at different times of year
  2. Visualizing Earth's orbit, tilt, and the effect on sunlight we receive
  3. Movies of noontime shadows in Nebraska (with helpful diagram)
  4. Sunrise and Sunset positions
  5. Motion of the Sun through the Zodiac
  6. Earth's appearance in different times of year
  7. Seasons Interactive Figure (allows you to change Earth's axis tilt)
Phases of the Moon:
  1. Lunar Phase Quizzer
  2. Lunar Phase Simulator
  3. Determining Moon Phases
  4. Moonrise/Moonset visualization
  5. Moon Phases Animation
  6. Moon Phases with rotating Earth
  7. Lunar Phases Interactive Figure
  1. Eclipse Shadow Simulator
  2. Moon Inclination
Retrograde Motion In Copernicus' Heliocentric Model:
  1. Retrograde Motion
  2. Planet Orbits Simulator
Retrograde Motion In Ptolemy's Geocentric Model:
  1. Ptolemaic Orbit of Mars
  2. Retrograde Motion (with epicycles)
Phases of Venus In Ptolemy's Geocentric Model:
  1. Ptolemaic Phases of Venus
Kepler's Laws:
  1. Planetary Orbit Simulator
  2. Planetary Motion (start your own)
  3. Ellipse demonstration
Newton's First Law:
  1. The Car and the Wall
  2. The Motorcyclist
  3. The Truck and Ladder
Newton's Second Law:
  1. Circular Motion
  1. Subtracting Colors
  2. Adding Colors
Thermal (Blackbody) Radiation:
  1. Thermal Radiation Applet (with the appearance of the color mixture)
  2. Blackbody Spectrum
Nearby Stars:
  1. Interactive 3-D Map of the Nearest Stars
Black Holes:
  1. Circling the Black Hole (looking down)
  2. Circling the Black Hole (looking forward)
  3. Approaching the Black Hole
The Expansion of the Universe:
  1. A Balloon Analogy (nice explanation)
  1. Some Information on Astrophotography